A new smartphone dash cam app has been launched by after-accident firm Auto Logistic Solutions (ALS).

The 4Sight app is available on both Android and Apple devices.

A key feature occurs in the event of a crash: the app will automatically notify the 4Sight support centre and send immediate video footage. ALS says that a team member will then call the driver within seconds to guide them through the post-accident process, or if necessary call the emergency services.

ALS says the app will also provide fleet operators the opportunity to offer an add-on service to their clients, with ALS offering a share in any revenue from referred subscriptions. There is also login access to the app, which means all future repair work can be steered back to the fleet operator to manage.

ALS managing director Kyle Harris said: “Our vast experience tells us that time between accident and the notification is crucial, not only to the person involved of course, but also in terms of both customer retention and maximising control over any repairs.

“We therefore concluded that the only way to solve these problems was to create a product that provided not only vital video footage, but also an automatic alert to a response centre.

“Instant access to an accident notification allows immediate assessment of the clients/drivers needs and requirements and provides evidence with which to establish liability.”

Harris said that access to good quality third party information regarding vehicle damage was vital to fleet owners and operators.

He said: “Being the first to know an incident has occurred puts them in the driving position. They can be the first in line to make contact with their customer to offer their services, thus controlling any repair work required to rectify the damage caused by the accident.

“This, in addition to revenue gained from referred subscriptions to the app could prove hugely beneficial to fleet operators across the UK.”