RED Corporate Driver Training has introduced a new e-learning programme, designed to help fleets to train drivers interactively and remotely.

It features several videos, shot from a driver’s eye perspective, highlighting on-road risks in real-life situations and providing advice on how to manage them.

Each module is then followed by an interactive question and answer section to ensure that the key messages have been taken on board by each driver.

These modules and their results are hosted on RED Corporate Driver Training’s new SafetyFirst risk management platform, giving managers and administrators a record of the training status of all their drivers.

The first six topics covered by the programme are motorway and dual carriageway driving, town and city driving, rural road driving, fatigue, speed awareness, and sharing the road.

Head of RED Corporate Driver Training Greg Ford said: “A comprehensive risk management strategy requires that fleets have every tool available to them and our e-learning is an integral part of this.

“The working landscape has changed however, and increasingly managers are seeing less of drivers which means they need risk management tools which ensure safety and compliance wherever those employees might be. 

“Our e-learning programme solves this increasingly common problem, as all drivers can be trained and assessed no matter where they are.”

Ford said RED recognised that some businesses were time-limited and needed drivers on the road and working.

He said: “While the benefits of time spent in the cabin with trainers are well proven in terms of increased safety, improved efficiency and better productivity, these interactive e-learners are essential foundations for an effective risk management strategy, ensuring every employee can be trained and informed to a level.

“Then, if more training is needed, in-vehicle instruction can do that, building on the good work that has already been done. Our driver training programmes offer blended training, ensuring that every single business gets a clear return-on-investment relative to its own risk portfolio, fleet strategy and desired outcomes.

“The SafetyFirst system not only hosts this fresh new e-learning content, but can offer digital licence checking, online driver assessments and much more besides.”