Fleetcheck has added new features to its Vehicle Inspection app.

The app can now be used for push messaging to send risk-management specific information to drivers, and can also send out new fleet policies for driver reading and confirmation.

Fleetcheck managing director Peter Golding said: “The new features that we have added to the app this week have very much been driven by user requests and we put a lot of ongoing work into ensuring that the product remains relevant through changing conditions and developing fleet needs.”

Golding said there seemed to be an increased emphasis in the fleet industry on vehicle checks, with the app now having been used for these more than seven million times, having only passed the two million milestone earlier this year.

He said: “There has been a general increase in awareness of this kind of digital safety check product in the market, both among car and commercial vehicle fleets, and we have been well-placed to take advantage of the trend, even through the coronavirus situation.

“In fact, there is some evidence that safety inspections have become more of a hot topic over the last few months. On one hand, we’ve had some LCV fleets working around-the-clock on frontline services, so safety has been a concern there. Then, on the other, we’ve had some vehicles hardly being used during lockdown, which brings its own safety issues.

“At both these extremes and all points in-between, the app allows fast, accurate and easily auditable safety checks to be carried out, and fleets have recognised its value.”