Peugeot‘s moves to better manage relationship with the industry’s RV experts are beginning to bear fruit, according to Bob Grant, Peugeot’s manager of whole-life costs.

Grant was appointed to what is a new role in May, admitting the process of managing relationships with the influencers that predict residual values previously “fell through the gaps between fleet and product”‘

Information flow and convincing the firm’s French headquarters to release details early have been key to the improving relationships, with the new 3008 and 5008 models first to benefit. “It was a problem getting information out of France, but once the message got through they’ve started giving us access to pricing information,” said Grant. “We’ve shown we were willing to open the doors. It’s a slow, long process and about trust and developing relationships.”

Grant said the next task is to address SMR costs, tyre sizes and other related issues to bring down the running costs for future models. “It means getting to the product team two or two-and-a-half years ahead of launch,” he said.

The UK is also set to benefit from Peugeot’s renewed international focus on the corporate market as a key sector. “It means more infrastructure in France, allowing us to piggy-back on international events,” he told BusinessCar. “We are more focussed on the corporate sector in the UK so it’s great news for us. There is greater understanding from France about what we do and why.”

Grant said the Europe-wide focus on fleet sales involves additional resources and setting up working parties to share ideas about best practice.