The European version of the eagerly anticipated new Hyundai Coupe could be shown first at the 2008 British motorshow in London.

Bigger, more upmarket and more powerful than the car it replaces, the likely 3.0-litre-plus car is set to take on the likes of the rear-wheel drive Nissan 350Z with a price tag approaching £25k (up from the current car’s £14-20k).

It is set to feature many exterior design cues from the Veloster concept (pictured) that made its European debut at the Frankfurt motor show last week (and also showed earlier this year at the Seoul motor show).

Managing director of Hyundai’s UK operation, Tony Whitehorn, has seen the final production car already and says the concept represents 50-60% of the European version. He is pushing for the unveil to take place at next summer’s London motor show given the massive coupe market in the UK, relative to the rest of Europe.

Bad news for tax-conscious fleet drivers is that there will be no diesel or hybrid versions.