Driver education firm E-Training World has launched what it claims is the industry’s first online manoeuvring and eco driving training course.

Drivers can select from car, van or light goods vehicle applications, with training aimed at reducing the number of minor incidents incurred by fleets.

“When a company driver has a small knock or scrape, they don’t always give it a great deal or thought,” said Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World. “However, fleet managers will tell you that once you start adding up the cost of even the slightest incident they can become very expensive indeed.” With the cost of repair, administration and alternative vehicle supply while repairs are carried out, Hurdle said a small knock can run up a bill of £5000-£10,000. The course also demonstrates to drivers the additional turnover a business needs to create to pay fro these small incidents.

As well as the manoeuvring, the course also looks at eco-driving and how minor changes to driving style can save money. “Many drivers also don’t appreciate the expense caused by leaving a vehicle idling, of poor route planning, constant harsh acceleration and braking and all the factors that contribute to fuel wastage,” said Hurdle.