Viezu Technologies has launched a real-time tracking, telematics and vehicle alert system for fleets.
Available as either a wired or wireless black box, the telematics system provides fleet managers, vehicle owners and vehicle drivers with a host of data and alerts which can help modify driving behaviour, reduce running and administration costs and improve vehicle security.

There are no contractual obligations involved in running the tracker as the data is sent via pay-as-you-go internet-enabled SIM cards.

Once fitted, fleet managers are able to receive data on the current location, route, time and speed of their drivers via a dedicated app, Amber Connect, or a web portal.

Alerts can also be configured to notify both the fleet manager and the driver of aspects such as harsh braking and acceleration, while fleet managers also have the option of listening in if they deem it necessary in instances where they suspect abuse, unauthorised use or vehicle movement, with the option of cutting off power to the engine remotely.

The system also tracks business mileage claims. Viezu claims trials of the tool reduces instances of incorrect mileage claims by 40%.

The tracker costs £140, but a spokesman for the company told BusinessCar that if a fleet bought a number of units, a 25% discount would be applied.

“Amber Connect allows fleet managers, business owners and the drivers to have a smart connection with their vehicles, detect their whereabouts and protect against or eliminate unauthorised use, abuse and poor driving,” said Paul Busby, CEO of Viezu Technologies. “Furthermore, the super low cost, pay-as-you-go basis makes it really attractive to the smallest of fleets or even single vehicles. Tracking has never been easier or smarter.”