Public EV chargers operated by Newmotion have been added to Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice network.

The deal means that Electric Juice customers can now access thousands of Newmotion chargers in the UK and Europe, including Shell Recharge rapid chargers.

Newmotion joins other networks accessible through the scheme, including Ionity,, Alfa Power, Franklin Energy Life, Plug-N-Go, and Osprey.

Customers are able to pay with an Octopus Energy account across all these networks, with the costs appearing on a single bill.

Electric Juice CEO Zoisa North-Bond said: “Europe’s transport sector needs to decarbonise quickly. Collaborating with more partners helps create better access to charging infrastructure, which makes it easier for petrol car drivers to consider electric vehicles and simplifies the whole process for current EV drivers. 

“Newmotion provides Electric Juice customers with rapid charging at Shell Recharge on the motorway and the inner-city coverage of the network means EV drivers have more flexibility than they’ve enjoyed before.”