Nissan’s website has come out on top in car retailing expert Auto Retail Network’s annual website report.

It is the third report run by the automotive retail publication, which provides an assessment of how each website meets car buyers needs.

Each website is tested in real-world conditions using desktops, smartphones and tablets. The websites are also tested using different connection speeds and response times are tracked.

In the manufactures category, Nissan came out on top, followed by Vauxhall and Volkswagen.

The Drive Vauxhall and Car Shop websites won the franchised retailer and used car dealer awards.

The report concluded that most websites’ mobile performance and loading speed had improved since 2014, however customer interaction could be still be improved.

“The Achilles Heel for the car retail websites we tested continues to be the response to customer enquiries,” said Tristan Young, editorial director of Auto Retail Network. “While many websites typically provide an automated reply promising a call within a defined timeframe, we do not believe that this is an adequate response for consumers.”

“In an age where customers can view, purchased and have products delivered within two hours it is impossible to believe that car retailers are only able to guarantee a call back within 24 hours,” Young added. “We hope this report provides a focus for future improvement.”

The 1 December issue of BusinessCar contains our 10th annual review of the fleet websites of the top 20 car manufacturers with Vauxhall looking to maintain the top spot it retained last year.

Our sister publication, What Van?’s November issue also includes an analysis of the top 10 LCV manufacturers websites.