Octopus Energy has changed the name of its EV roaming service to Electric Universe.

Formerly Electric Juice, it encompasses more than 300,000 chargers worldwide, from more than 450 charging networks, with recent additions including Geniepoint, MFG, and Shell Recharge, between them adding hundreds more UK rapid chargers.

A new interactive map service for Electric Universe has also been launched, showing chargers and their availability across more than 50 countries.

Octopus Energy for Business CEO Zoisa North-Bond said: “Going from 0 to over 300,000 EV chargers in two years reflects our rocket-speed growth – and this is only the beginning for Electric Universe. 

“On the road to greater electrification of our society, drivers are increasingly choosing electric. Being able to charge an EV easily will underpin this shift. 

“We’re moving full-steam ahead to grow our EV roaming service even further globally to help accelerate the transition to a cheaper, greener energy future.”