A new fleet management platform has been launched.

ODO is mobile-ready, and designed for use by HR and financial managers, business owners and SME business drivers, as well as fleet managers of larger companies.

With the platform, companies pay for the service modules they need via a monthly subscription.

The platform is billed as easy to use and deliberately built for non-technical users, whether they are checking that all company vehicles have up-to-date MOTs, insurance and service records, inputting a company car driver’s latest journey details, or just trying to work out when a specific vehicle is due to be changed.

ODO general manager Gordon Lyster said: “ODO addresses the issues of managing fleets which many small businesses struggle with day to day.

“It helps managers track costs, vehicle usage levels, maintenance and servicing records, run driver licence checks and more.

“The intelligence that ODO provides helps fleets stay the right side of the law when it comes to compliance, while keeping fleet management costs to a minimum.”

ODO is set to offer full telematics integration next month, and access and input via a mobile app for iOS and Android devices by June.

ODO has taken a year and a half to build using open source web application platform Angular and Oracle SQL server database technologies.

It also uses technology developed by parent company Drive Software Solutions Limited (DSSL).

The official launch of ODO took place at an event at Searcys at the top of the Gherkin in London.

Lyster said: “It was great to be able to welcome so many from the fleet management world to the launch in addition to our honoured guest, Oracle’s head of technology and Cloud, John Abel. We are very proud to be the first fleet management application to go live on the Oracle Cloud.”