Nearly 20% of business drivers have admitted they do not stop for a break when they are driving for extended periods of time, according to a new survey.

Telematics company Masernaut – which surveyed 2000 fleet drivers – claim  that 18% of company car drivers own up  to ignoring the Highway Code’s recommendation to take a 15-minute break every two hours.

Respondents to the survey said they wound down the window (50%), drank strong coffee or tea (49%) and turned down the temperature (30%) to stay alert while driving.

Less conventional methods, meanwhile, included singing along with the radio (25%), slapping themselves (7%) and doing maths out loud (2%).

“It’s vitally important that drivers are alert at all times and get home safely and employers play a role from a duty of care perspective to ensure that this happens,” said Steve Towe, chief commercial officer and UK managing director of Masternaut.

“However, the issue many fleet managers and HR departments find themselves facing is how to effectively monitor their mobile workforce, in some cases across multiple territories with different legislative requirements,” he added.