Peugeot will use September’s Frankfurt motor show to showcase what is believed to be a crossover, 4×4 style variation on the 308 theme.

Whether or not it will mimic the jacked-up urban safari wagon look of the 207SW Outdoor or follow Nissan’s Qashqai with two- and four-wheel-drive running gear is unclear.

But Steve Fahey, the 308 product manager, said: “It is no secret that the 308 range has a wider remit than the 307. The Qashqai shows how niche products move into the mainstream, but I cannot comment on the 308 plans.”

A French source said: “We are not just dipping our toes into the specialist market place with 4007. That is what our 00 series models are about so you can expect a 3008 sooner or later.”