IT services firm Barron McCann has added 80 Peugeot cars to its UK fleet.

The order includes 68 308 SWs, to be used by the company’s engineers, and 12 3008s to be used by team leaders.

All the cars are powered by 130hp diesel engines. The 308 SWs are in the Allure equipment grade, while the 3008s have been specced as Allure and GT-Line.

Barron McCann procurement and supply chain leader Richard Johnson said: “Our customers expect and deserve the very highest service levels and a modern, well-maintained vehicle fleet plays a critical role in delivering that performance.

“Each vehicle is equipped with technology which helps us to reduce travelling time and distance, provides driving efficiency recommendations, and minimises emissions when queuing in busy areas.

“In addition, we have specified driver aids such as blind spot assistance, front and back proximity sensors, reversing cameras and drive time indicators, all with the intent of improving the driving experience of our engineers.”

Peugeot fleet director Martin Gurney said: “The 308 SW has proved to be a popular choice for many fleets, providing flexible accommodation, driver appeal and low cost of ownership with low emissions.

“Not surprisingly, we think that Barron McCann has made an excellent choice and together with the 3008 SUV models it presents a modern, stylish fleet that will enhance the company’s image.”