Funding has been extended for plug-in vehicle infrastructure in the Midlands until 31 March 2014.

The Plugged-in Midlands scheme, run by the centre of excellence for low carbon vehicle technologies Cenex, originally ran until the end of March this year and has funded over 600 electric vehicle charging points within the region.

The extended version of the programme will aim to improve public access to charging points, rather than just making them available.

New ones will be offered with pay-as-you-go functions, which will not require the user to have pre-registered or to be a member of any scheme beforehand, so a charge can be paid for by a credit card or mobile phone payment.

Costs will be set by the owner of the charging point or by the network scheme operator.

Cenex CEO Robert Evans said: “The original plan was to install 500 charging points supporting 1000 EV registrations by March 2013; and these targets have been exceeded.”

“Together, the East and West Midlands represents the second largest region in the UK for new car sales after London and the South East, and the targeted measures that will be delivered through the new scheme will all help to increase EV sales, making the Midlands a leading region for electric vehicle adoption.”

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