Electric vehicle (EV) charging firm Pod Point is to make its 2,000-strong public charging network free for drivers on Clean Air Day on 21 June.

The firm says it hopes to promote the benefits of EVs for both air quality and climate change, having previously held a similar initiative on Earth Day on 22 April, when more than 147,000 EV miles were powered for free.

All charging on the Pod Point public Open Charge Network will be free from midnight on 21 June until midnight on 22 June.

App users will charge and pay as usual, but Pod Point will reimburse any payments made, via an in-app credit, within two to three working days.

Pod Point CEO and founder Erik Fairbairn said: “Thanks to initiatives like Clean Air Day, the public are now beginning to really understand the negative effects of burning fossil fuels on the air that we breathe.

“Pod Point was founded on the principle that travel shouldn’t damage the Earth. We have made significant progress towards this via our national network of charge points, but we still have a massive amount to do. 

“We hope that making our entire public network free to use for Clean Air Day further accelerates the adoption of EVs.”