Peugeot has announced reduced prices for several of its EVs.

The manufacturer says the starting prices for its E-208 and E-2008 models have come down by £3,000, while the E-308 and E-308 SW have come down by £1,500.

The changes mean that the E-208 now starts at £28,600, the E-2008 at £32,700, the E-308 at £38,550, and the E-308 SW at £39.750.

Alongside the price drops, Peugeot has also made the above models available with its Allure Care warranty, which covers the vehicles’ electric motor, onboard charger, transmission and main electrical and mechanical components for up to eight years or 100,000 miles. This is in addition to Peugeot’s existing high-voltage battery warranty, which applies for the same period.

The Allure Care warranty is activated automatically and free of charge for two years (or 16,000 miles) after each service in the Peugeot-approved aftersales network.

Peugeot UK managing director Eurig Druce said: “With Europe’s widest range of mainstream electric vehicles, we are committed to ensuring our customers have greater choice when making the switch to electric. 

“The simultaneous introduction of the Peugeot Allure Care warranty and new pricing structure reflects this commitment, and is designed to make the transition to battery electric vehicles as smooth as possible, and with total peace of mind so that more people can enjoy the benefits of driving electric.”