An analysis of more than 3500 cars supplied under Leasedrive Group’s salary sacrifice car scheme, Mycar, has revealed that the most popular vehicle among public sector staff was the Audi A3 while private firms’ equivalent was the Ford Fiesta.

The top five popular vehicles in the public sector were the Audi A3, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, BMW 1-series and Seat Ibiza, while the top five popular vehicles in the private sector were the Ford Fiesta, Audi A3, BMW 1-series, BMW 3-series and Mini Cooper. Red, meanwhile, was the colour of choice for Government bodies and local authorities while black was the favourite in the private sector.

Roddy Graham, Leasedrive Group commercial director, also added that “women were far more likely to enter a car salary sacrifice scheme in the public sector than men, with three-quarters of the Mycar population in that sector doing so. A reverse trend is apparent among private sector employees with 58% of men signing up.”

Salary sacrifice fleets have, over the past year, lowered emissions by 7g/km to 135.9g/km in the private sector and by 2.7g/km to 117.9g/km in the public.

“Employees entering salary sacrifice are more conscious than ever of their green responsibilities and definitely more aware of the positive BIK tax implications of opting for cars with lower CO2 emissions,” Graham said.

“The disparity in green choices between the sectors is not altogether surprising as the average contract mileage for a vehicle under the Mycar salary sacrifice scheme is 29% higher in the private sector, at 40,032 miles compared with 30,913 miles in the public sector. The higher average mileage of the private sector explains the 15% higher CO2 emission figure – drivers covering longer distances prefer larger, more comfortable vehicles.”