Motoring organisation the RAC has appointed Nick Walker to be the managing director of its telematics arm.
Walker joins from Masternaut where he was managing director.
Walker has worked in the industry for 28 years working in Europe and the USA with technology and telematics roles.
He said: “There is a fantastic opportunity to drive the telematics proposition at the RAC, because there are so many synergies where telematics makes complete sense.

“It’s important not to see telematics just as a stand-alone product, but as a technology that sits behind a whole range of services we offer, and that makes it a much more powerful offering. I genuinely think we have the opportunity here at the RAC to be game changing in the area of telematics.”
RAC Business said the increased use of telematics across the industry is driving efficiency improvements among company car drivers

While more and more fleets are using telematics to monitor their drivers, the drivers themselves are using their vehicle’s computers.

According to the motoring organisation’s annual Report on Motoring, the vast majority (90%) of company car drivers used their vehicle’s built-in dashboard or computer to calculate and improve their fuel efficiency.

The RAC said 40% of company car drivers said they actively changed their driving behaviour to decrease their fuel consumption, compared to 27% of private vehicle owners.