Engine care company Cataclean has signed an agreement which will see the RAC carry its diesel particulate filter and engine cleaner in the RAC’s 1400-strong patrol fleet.

The deal follows a trial with the RAC where 40 vehicles were equipped with the product, which is known as Cataclean Diesel after a rise in callouts to vehicles with clogged DPF.

Cataclean said the cleaner is designed to lower harmful particulate emissions and reduce the risk of DPF clogging – protecting and extending the lives of a diesel model’s DPF and catalytic converters.

“With some 11 million diesel cars on the road it is not surprising that our patrols are increasingly encountering problems with diesel particulate filters,” said RAC technical director Phil Ryan.

“While they deal with these very effectively by using our highly sophisticated RAC Scan diagnostic tool to put the DPF into regeneration mode, being able to offer Cataclean Diesel to members is a way of avoiding having another DPF problem in the future,” Ryan added.