Train operator Southern has added its first plug-in hybrid vehicle to its car-sharing scheme.

The Toyota Prius Plug-in will be operated from Lewes station by Co-wheels – the company behind Southern’s car-sharing scheme.

“It is the first time the club has located a hybrid vehicle at a railway station and the project will run as a three-month trial,” said a Toyota spokesman.

“Using a Prius Plug-in will help travellers reduce their carbon footprint; for those making local onward journeys from Lewes, the Prius Plug-in has the potential to run entirely on its electric charge, with zero tailpipe emissions and zero fuel consumption.”

Launching the scheme Norman Baker, who is both rail minister and the MP for Lewes, said: “This is an excellent scheme that offers greener transport through the use of both low-emission vehicles and car-sharing. I am sure that projects like this and those that will inevitably follow will benefit local residents whilst preserving the wider natural environment.”