Hyundai and Kia have announced revised driving ranges for their Kona Electric and e-Niro electric vehicles (EVs).

The manufacturers say the announcement comes after an independent organisation that tested the vehicles to obtain official WLTP figures was found to have used an incorrect testing methodology.

This means that the Kona Electric in 39kWh spec now has an official combined range of 180 miles, while for the 64kWh model the new range is 279 miles.

These figures are down from 194 miles and 300 miles respectively.

For the e-Niro, which goes on sale in the UK in April with a 64kWh battery only, the range has been reduced from 301 miles to 282 miles. 

The manufacturers say the inconsistency had been identified due to ongoing homologation work, and that no other vehicles in their ranges are affected by the issue. 

In a statement, Hyundai said: “Hyundai is concerned to have learned that the officially recognised driving range of Kona Electric must be corrected and is taking this matter seriously.” 

A Kia statement said: “Kia is proactively communicating with customers who may have already ordered an e-Niro to explain this discrepancy.”