A new service designed to identify suitable EVs for businesses to deploy instead of existing petrol and diesel vehicles has been launched by Reflex Vehicle Hire.

The EV:IE service – standing for Electric Vehicle information Exchange – is said to use data about a company’s fleet and journey patterns, including from telematics systems, to identify vehicles that can switch to plug-in power immediately, and also helps to create a longer-term transition plan.

The service considers factors including EV range, charging requirements, cost, and environmental impact.

Reflex Vehicle Hire sales director Lisa Spong said: “EV:IE is the result of more than a year of discussions with fleet operators. It empowers a conversation between fleets, management and suppliers about the future, so businesses can prepare for 2030 and beyond.

“EV:IE saves managers hours of work trawling through data; instead, we provide an immediate vision of the future, with vital insights on fleet transition without the need for extensive additional analysis or research by under-resourced fleet departments. 

“Our innovation provides a solid foundation on which to build the future of fleet, allowing managers to maintain their focus on day-to-day operation of safe and efficient vehicles.”