Renault is pledging to return the excitement to its range and stand out more from the crowd as it seeks to re-establish the brand after a period of struggle and decline. 

The new launches of the Captur small crossover and electric Zoe supermini, joining the Clio launched at the turn of the year, give the brand the chance to build a new reputation.

“We’ll have bold and daring new product. Before we only had one car – Clio – and you can’t have a reputation on one car,” said Renault’s new UK managing director Ken Ramirez.

“We’re showing we’re being bold about the brand.”

Renault Group’s product planning boss Thomas Lane agreed that the firm had been too conservative with¬† its current line-up.

“Some of the older products are really nice cars but you could change the grille and you wouldn’t know what they are – they’re perfect rental cars – but we have to do something to stand out,” he said.

“Not in a weird or provocative way, but the Clio and Captur have a little bit of attitude.”

“We want consumers to be excited to buy, rather than talking about a deal without looking at the car,” added Ramirez.

“We’re seeing that with the Clio, we’re changing the brand through the product. We recognise we are a discount brand in the UK.”

Lane confirmed that Renault will add to the Captur with medium and large crossover vehicles, and will also use the Renault-Nissan alliance with Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler to introduce improved larger-capacity engines.

In addition, that partnership will develop the new Renault Twingo and Smart Fortwo city cars on the same underpinnings.

“The Twingo will be different in styling and packaging terms from other cars in the segment – A-segment cars are fine but they’re all pretty much the same,” he said. “The solution with Daimler is a little bit different.”

Renault has managed to achieve pioneer status in the electric vehicle market, with a range of four vehicles being completed with the summer arrival of the Zoe hatchback.

“We now have the four vehicles – what we need to do now is work on selling what we’ve got,” said Ramirez, revealing that the range won’t be expanded further in the near future.

“There probably isn’t the need formore cars. We need more sales, more understanding and more charge points.”