Renault‘s electric vehicle customers taking up the Kangoo ZE light commercial vehicle are approaching it in distinctly different ways, according to the firm’s EV expert Andy Heiron.

While larger fleets in most cases look at driver and financial evaluations and allocate a specific member of staff to study EVs as a project, Heiron told BusinessCar that smaller businesses are not quite so “rational” and prefer to look simply at whether they will be able to live with an electric vehicle.

“Overall I think I’m confident that we’re not putting all our eggs in one basket,” said Heiron. “We’ll hopefully sign two or three big volume deals but there are a lot of people in the 5-10 area, which is more healthy for our business.”

He said companies are generally looking to take the electric Kangoo on for longer but with shorter mileage agreements than a regular diesel model, with five-year 50,000-mile contracts proving most popular. “We’ve got very significant list of very keen prospects all somewhere between the interest and evaluation stage,” concluded Heiron.

Heiron also said the small two-seat Twizy electric quadricycle will find work in fleets, but working best in a business promotion application rather than in place of traditional fleet cars.

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