Renault is introducing a new battery for its Zoe electric vehicle which it claimed can provide up to 250 miles’ worth of driving on a single charge.

According to the French manufacturer, this is currently the longest range of any mainstream EV, though the Tesla Model S can reach up to 381 miles, and double the range of the battery when the Zoe first went on sale.

Due to go on sale next month (prices are yet to be confirmed), and named the ZE 40, the 41kW motor will sit alongside the current 22kW battery which will continue to be sold.

The existing battery has a maximum range of 149 miles, and a real-world range of 106 miles, Renault said.


According to the firm, the amount of time required to charge the battery is similar to that of the standard battery, meaning it will take half an hour to charge the battery for 50 miles’ worth of range.

In order to help owners recharge their vehicles, the company has launched two free services – ZE Trip and ZE Pass.

The former service is accessible through the Zoe’s media system and shows locations of public charging points in Europe, while it also indicates real-time availability of each point and advises whether it is compatible with the car.

ZE Pass, meanwhile, allows the driver to use a single smartphone app or RFID card to pay for use of charging points in Europe, even if they are owned by different operators. According to Renault, the ZE Pass will also be able to compare prices of nearby points.


Additionally, the Zoe app will be updated in the first half of next year to allow owners to enter trip information and forward it on to the car, where it is accessed automatically.

The updated app will also allow for owners to see remote charging information, including the car’s charge level, the estimated remaining range and the time remaining until it is fully charged, while it will also allow users to pre-set the vehicle temperatures.

“This month Renault surpassed 100,000 electric vehicles sold and now Zoe will travel up to 250 miles without recharging,” said Carlos Ghosn, Groupe Renault chairman and CEO. “We are continuing to push in areas where innovation matters most for Renault customers. Making it easy for them to choose electric, with new connected services to enhance their driving experience, is a top priority for us and for Zoe customers.”