The Volvo XC90 may finally realise its blue light potential thanks to the arrival of a new Sport version of the big 4×4.

“We’ve had great interest in the XC90 since launch, but haven’t had the resources to develop a proper emergency vehicle,” said Sarah Tottle, special vehicles manager.

Thanks to the arrival of the UK-developed Sport this could change. “We’re hoping to use the Sport chassis as a basis for our car. Its uprated suspension and stiffer anti-roll bars has given us a development head start”, added Tottle who was speaking at the police fleet show last week.

An XC90 emergency vehicle will help the Swedish firm go head-to-head with the Discovery in competing for police, ambulance and fire contracts, offering a flagship 315PS V8, a 238PS 3.2 and a frugal 185PD diesel for the differing roles.

The other main focus for the Volvo at the blue light fleet show was a focus on tailor made rapid response vehicles for the fire service, answering the services serious concerns over the use of unsuitable civilian cars being used in rapid-response scenarios.