A European private hire vehicle service is beginning operations in London. 

Kapten, which is backed by Daimler and BMW, has been licenced by TfL and is serving London fare zones one to five. 

The app-based service started in France in 2012, and has now arrived in London after subsequent launches in Lisbon and Geneva. 

Kapten, which is launching with a limited-time 50%-off offer on rides, says it has a fixed price guarantee, so users will know the exact price of a trip before they book. 

The firm says regular customers will also be offered free rides, partner rewards and enhanced referral bonuses through a loyalty programme.  

It says its drivers have been screened, received face-to-face training and completed TfL’s licensing process. 

Kapten London general manager Mariusz Zabrocki said: “Kapten’s mission in London is to provide safe, reliable, hassle-free, affordable travel for everyone.”