East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has announced the addition of two electric Skoda Enyaqs to its rapid response fleet.

The Enyaq 80 models are said to have been introduced following a successful trial period to evaluate their suitability for blue-light duty.

As well as being fitted with standard rapid response equipment, modifications have also been made to improve the vehicles’ range, including the installation of lower consumption LED lighting, reduced-drag light bars and lightweight interior fittings.

EMAS rapid response vehicles cover an average of 40 miles per day, meaning a 12-hour shift is well within the Enyaq’s capabilities on a single charge.

EMAS fleet assistant general manager Andy Watson said: “We are always looking to improve the quality of our vehicles for our patients and our staff by constantly listening to valuable feedback. 

“As part of this, we invited colleagues to review the three design prototype models, getting them to share their honest feedback before we proceeded with the conversion of the vehicles. 

“Safety, comfort and practicality are our main priorities for both staff and patients alike.”