Skoda is to become the latest manufacturer offering a corporate-specific trim level, following on from the likes of Vauxhall’s Tech Line editions of cars with lower P11D prices but still offering the levels of specification valued by business car drivers, such as satnav and DAB radio. 

Known simply as Business, the trim level will be offered on the Octavia and Superb models, and based on SE spec, but with added satellite navigation, Bluetooth and DAB radio where they weren’t already standard.

Skoda UK boss Alisdair Stewart puts the move down to the experience of new fleet boss Patrick McGillycuddy, who joined the VW-owned brand in September last year from Vauxhall.

“It’s the learning that Patrick has brought us. His view is that it is important to penetrate and we need to introduce this on these cars,” he told BusinessCar. 

First deliveries of cars with the new trim will take place this month. 

Skoda is looking to bring its fleet registrations up to the same share of the market as it holds in retail by the end of 2015, with retail sitting at around 3.5% but fleet at 3.1% at the end of 2013.

As well as true fleet, Skoda has recently expressed a desire to increase its Motability presence. 

“Motability is 220,000 cars. We’d like 3% of that,” he said.

“Fleet is a real focus for us and we’ve got to attack it on all angles – true fleet, through retailers, Motability, rental, penetration with contract hire, and up our marketing and visibility.”

The growth plan for 2018-2020 is to get to 100,000 registrations, which would mean a market share of around 4.5%, balanced equally between fleet and retail.

That will be helped by new product, led by a new Fabia coming late this year, 12 months ahead of a new Superb, with Stewart targeting a good flow of information to the industry. 

“We’ll start communicating on the Superb in April/May 2015. It’s a great opportunity if you get pricing, CO2 and the timing of the information right to get a good flow,” he explained.

“There’s always nervousness as you’ve got run-out product, but fleet buyers are making decisions six months out so it’s really important.” 

Further ahead, a new SUV could slot into the range above the Yeti, although nothing has been confirmed.