The boss of new fleet software firm Mycompanyfleet has slammed some areas of the risk management sector for “scare mongering” over the risk of corporate manslaughter prosecution. Andrew Leech, the former CFC Software Solutions managing director who now runs NorthgateArinso-owned Mycompanyfleet claims the risks have been “overplayed” as companies make the most of fleets’ fears of prosecution.

“The whole corporate manslaughter bill is being overplayed – it’s not really for road risk,” Leech told BusinessCar. “Lots of companies decided to shanghai this to make money – we do all have a responsibility to reduce risk, it saves money, but we don’t have a responsibility to scaremonger. The health and safety at work act hasn’t changed.”

Leech also slammed some lease companies for making it difficult for customers to access the data necessary to compare costs. “Leasing companies are not very open to customers getting data out, I wouldn’t like to say if its deliberate but there’s no uniformity,” he said.” Fleets have an obligation to make sure they are getting value for money. If you get complete transparency and openness of cost, if smart repair or charges are different you can see if you’re getting clobbered on charges.”