Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has launched a new resource for fleets on the risks and requirements of occupational driving.

The material is available in an actual-size number plate with a 20.5-metre length of ribbon attached with instructions included so that employees can check whether they would pass this basic legal requirement for driver eyesight.

The pack also displays the facts about the risks faced by at-work drivers, explaining where responsibility lies and setting out the various eyecare options for drivers and their employers.

Suzanne Randall, corporate account manager at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said: “The ribbon and number plate is a physical reminder of just how rudimentary the minimum requirements are for driver eyesight.

“According to the road safety charity, Brake, one in six drivers would fail an eyetest so this could prove a valuable exercise.”

Randall continued: “HGV and bus drivers face much more stringent tests of health and eyesight because of the extra risk posed. Those who drive their own car or a company car for meetings or deliveries are also at increased risk.

“In fact, the Occupational Road Safety Alliance states that company car drivers have 50% more accidents than domestic road users. But it is still up to the conscience of the individual employer as to whether to implement more prudent checks.”

A free copy of the Driving For Work materials is available: call 0115 933 0800.

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