Subaru has confirmed a diesel version of the Impreza will be available from early 2009.

The Impreza will come with the same well-received 150PS 2.0-litre engine featured in the diesel Legacy launched earlier this year, and which is also heading for the Forester 4×4 this autumn.

The Impreza diesel will be available with the Forester’s six-speed gearbox rather than the five-speed version used in the Legacy.

Subaru has not ruled out a more sporty Prodrive version of the diesel Impreza, with a spokesman saying: “It is fairly obvious that it’s something worth looking at.” However, there are no definite plans yet.

Subaru unveiled a 255PS Impreza WRX S at the London motor show, which will sit between the standard 230PS WRX and the 330PS WRX STi in the Impreza range.

It will cost £22,495.