Furniture manufacturer Symphony says it has achieved its green fleet target a year ahead of schedule, with plug-in hybrid vehicles supplied via leasing company JCT600 VLS.

Symphony launched a plug-in hybrid-based fleet scheme in 2021, having worked with JCT600 VLS to identify the fuel type as the best option for future-proofing its fleet while achieving significant carbon savings.

The fleet of more than 320 vehicles now includes 250 PHEVs.

JCT600 VLS managing director Ben Creswick said: “At JCT600 VLS, we have a strong partnership with Symphony going back many years, and this close working relationship helped to deliver a high quality, seamless and well-received transition. 

“Using Symphony’s existing fleet data, including a detailed review of the different user groups and their operational requirements for the vehicles, VLS presented what the future could look like.

“This included modelling different fuel types, whole life costs and operational logistics, alongside a step-by-step plan on how the transition could work. The results speak for themselves, with over 75% (250 PHEVs) now operating as part of the Symphony fleet. 

“Symphony’s partnership approach and commitment to carbon reduction has been exemplary, and we are proud to have been a part of its leap towards a more sustainable future.”

Symphony sustainability analyst George Burtoft said: “Our fleet funding and management partner JCT600 VLS has supported us on our green agenda to make significant carbon savings through a detailed vehicle requirement review. 

“This included modelling different fuel types, whole-life costs and operational logistics alongside a step-by-step plan on how the transition could work.

“We are so proud to say that we have met our target of having over 75% hybrid vehicles in the business a year early.”