HMRC has revealed new advisory fuel rate figures that reflect the increasing cost of fuel.

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates (June-Dec 2008) summary
Engine size Petrol Diesel LPG
1400cc or less 12p (11p) 13p (11p) 7p (7p)
1401cc to 2000cc 15p (13p) 13p (11p) 9p (8p)
Over 2000cc 21p (19p) 17p (14p) 13p (11p)
Previous figures in brackets

AFRs cover fuel-only payments for company car drivers on work business.

The rates have risen by up to three pence per mile. Only small engined LPG vehicles see no change in AFR.

HMRC has also announced that the rates will not be subject to the normal one month notice period before coming in.

An HMRC spokesman said: “We are aware that there is some concern in the fleet industry about the level of AFRs and the level of increases are significant, so although HMRC would normally expect to give a month’s notice (and will do so for future revisions) on this occasion we will respond to unusual circumstances and agree for employers to apply the new rates during June if they are able and willing to do so. This line will be reflected on the website and in guidance given to staff.”

ACFO director Stewart Whyte said: “We welcome these changes in advisory fuel rates. We also appreciate that HMRC has acknowledged the extreme financial pressure on many company car drivers who believe that in recent months they have effectively been subsidising their companies’ business mileage.

“Assuming that employers are able to apply the new rates during June, one month earlier than expected, and are willing to do so, the HMRC’s concession will go some considerable way towards alleviating the financial hardship that drivers have been feeling. There is still some encouragement in these new rates for employees to drive as economically as possible, but at least the element of subsidising employers has gone.”

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates (June-Dec 2008)
Fuel Type Engine Size (cc) MPG* Applied MPG**,^ Fuel price (per litre)^^ Fuel price (per gallon) Pence per mile AFR
Petrol up to 1400 48.9 44.0 114.8 521.8 11.9 12
Petrol 1400 – 2000 39.5 35.6 114.8 521.8 14.7 15
Petrol over 2000 27.8 25.0 114.8 521.8 20.9 21
Diesel up to 2000 50.7 45.7 127.2 578.3 12.7 13
Diesel Over 2000 38.2 34.4 127.2 578.3 16.8 17
LPG up to 1400 39.1 35.2 57.1 259.6 7.4 7
LPG 1400 – 2000 31.6 28.5 57.1 259.6 9.1 9
LPG over 2000 22.2 20.0 57.1 259.6 13.0 13
* Mean miles per gallon, weighted by annual sales to businesses (Fleet Audits, 2006).
** Adjusted to take account of real driving conditions and lower fuel economy for older cars.
^ For LPG, assume mileage is 20% lower due to lower volumetric energy density.
^^ Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform 's latest petrol and diesel prices (26th May 2008), and latest available UK average LPG update (May 2008) from AA website.