The Fuelcard Company is launching the UK’s first pre-pay fuel card this month.

Called, Diesel Advance, it will allow users to pay-as-you-go through advance online top-ups via a credit or debit card or weekly direct debit.

The firm said that a large number of businesses are still unable to pass credit checks to obtain a traditional fuel card with an appropriate limit. “Pre-paid and problem free, Diesel Advance is The Fuelcard Company’s solution to this problem, negating the need for pre-qualification credit checks and opening up the benefits to all businesses,” it said.

Pricing for the card, which incurs an annual cost of £12, will be based on the bulk fuel market and offers a weekly fixed price, which will be lower than the national pump price nine times out of 10, said the company.

Head of marketing Colin Peters said: “Diesel Advance is the first card of its kind in the UK and, as such, a major step forward for both The Fuelcard Company and the transport sector.

“We’re anticipating a substantial uptake and working with a new customer base, from the sole trader ‘white van man’ to multinational haulage operators – the card is available to anyone with the £50 minimum top-up amount.”

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