Fuel management company The Miles Consultancy (TMC) has signed a partnership agreement with driver behaviour software provider The Driving Doctor.

The firms say that their partnership will result in fewer accidents, reduced costs, lower emissions and fuel usage, compliance with company policy and fulfilment of duty of care legislation for clients.

TMC managing director Paul Hollick said: “TMC consolidates and analyses fuel, telematics and mileage data to check compliance with company policy and identify anything out of the ordinary.

“We work directly with drivers to change behaviours that negatively impact their fuel spend or usage, from alerting the driver to lower cost fuel stations to discussing driving style and behaviour behind the wheel.

“This is where The Driving Doctor’s expertise delivers great added value.”

The Driving Doctor software coaches drivers to reduce speeding and heavy braking, reducing fuel consumption as well as the risk of accidents.

The Driving Doctor CEO Paul Ripley said: “This association with TMC will ensure that our joint clients will benefit from a series of significant positives; for example, lower emissions and fuel usage, fewer accidents, reduced operational costs and insurance premiums, plus full compliance with stringent regulations and legislation.

“It’s a win-win cost saving equation for our joint clients.”