Almost half of UK businesses face resistance from drivers when attempting to introduce new fleet management technology, according to TomTom research.

The telematics firm said the problem could be overcome by better communication between managers and employees, but 58% of those questioned admitted they do not conduct a formal consultation when changing business systems.

The most frequent complaint made by drivers is that technology represents ‘big brother’, cited by 43% of businesses as their staff’s primary concern.

Other common problems included trouble adapting to a change in systems (21%) and a lack of clarity surrounding the benefits offered by new technology (18%).

“In order to profit from the significant gains in efficiency and productivity offered by fleet management technology, businesses must properly manage change by involving drivers throughout the implementation process,” said Giles Margerison, TomTom Business Solutions director.

“It is surprising to discover so few businesses conduct formal consultations as a matter of course, especially as they can be vital in addressing concerns and communicating the benefits.”

By way of example, Giles added: “Zenith Hygiene Systems has been able to achieve yearly fuel savings of £218,000 by gaining employee buy-in for an innovative scheme designed to improve driving style using a fleet management system.”

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