TomTom has launched a vehicle tracking and communication device, Link 510, which offers more control over driving efficiency by monitoring driver behaviour as well as a vehicle’s position and movement.

Debuted at the CV Show last week, the Link 510 “builds on TomTom’s existing product portfolio to give even greater power to improve efficiency, monitor driver behaviour and deliver cost savings,” said managing director of TomTom Business Solutions Thomas Schmidt.

He added: “We believe that every company that uses vehicles for business will become more profitable by putting the Link 510 at the heart of their vehicles.”

The slimline device can be installed into any vehicle and works alongside TomTom’s online fleet management system, Webfleet, to provide detailed reports on vehicle utilisation and driver behaviour.

The firm has recently updated Webfleet adding a new dispatch feature based on shortest travel time rather than closest distance to customers, which is intended to help businesses respond more rapidly to clients and deliver higher service standards.

Schmidt said: “Businesses can inform customers of ETAs at the touch of a button, rather than keeping them waiting or being left in the dark over when to expect the arrival of a service engineer, sales representative or delivery.”

Meanwhile, TomTom has signed a deal with Towergate to offer its telematics technology as part of the insurance firm’s Fleetcare+ product to help reduce risk.

Larry Smith, boss at Towergate, said: “TomTom provides easy tools for our customers to manage risk through advanced technology. This complements our Towergate Fleetcare+ product to help deliver tailored solutions to reduce risk and insurance premiums.”

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