Toyota and its premium brand Lexus is so confident that its products stand up to whole-life costs scrutiny that it has developed a complex new calculator tool for its fleet sales staff and dealerships.

The firm claims the Complete Car Cost Calculator is industry-leading, allowing each of the factors that make up a whole-life cost to be tailored to a company’s unique situation.

As well as basics such as residual value, fuel cost and servicing, it goes as deep as to be able to set an individual company’s overdraft interest rate, and illustrates which cars across all brands are the most cost-effective for lease or outright purchase.

“We can show a business that a cheaper purchase price doesn’t mean it’s cheaper to run overall, and that a monthly rental isn’t the be all and end all – it’s an entirely different picture with a whole-life costs tool,” said Toyota’s marketing manager Jon Hunt.

The system will be with sales staff and dealers as soon as changes from the Budget have been factored in.

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