Telematics firm Tracker is offering fleets a money-back guarantee that its systems will save new customers at least 10% on their fuel bill or it will refund the subscription fee.

Tracker is thought to be the first company to offer such a guarantee, and claims to reduce fuel bills through eliminating speeding, harsh acceleration and engine idling. 

“Businesses can’t control the cost of petrol and diesel, but they can focus on the efficiency of their fleet to drive down those costs,” said David Wilson, sales and services director for Tracker.

“Our Fuel Savings Guarantee is an exciting new programme, which promises our customers very real savings, designed to help them boost their bottom line and their green credentials.

“Fleet telematics offer businesses the key to controlling their costs, and Tracker is prepared to stand by our fuel-saving claims. In today’s challenging economy, rising fuel prices and other rising costs are taking their toll on business budgets,” said Wilson.

“Tracker’s fleet telematics systems give firms the information they need to make informed decisions, by monitoring their drivers and vehicles to drive up efficiency and customer service, while reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

“And now Tracker is the only provider to guarantee those savings to all our new customers, or they get their subscription refunded.”