Telematics provider Trafficmaster will launch a low-cost tracking and mileage capture system aimed at the business car market.

The plans follow research within leasing firms and fleets to see what kind of system would be most useful.

The, as yet unnamed, basic system will cut hours of paperwork and make mileage claims 100% accurate according to Trafficmaster’s sales director John Lawrence.

“Drivers round up or down when making a mileage claim, so either the driver or company is out of pocket. In this day and age, is that right?” said Lawrence. “This will take the pain out of that as it’s fair to both sides.”

The mileage capture system gives a print-out or Excel spreadsheet of the journeys for expenses. Drivers can also automatically remove regular trips that are not expensible, such as commuting to the office from home, or all weekend travel.

Trafficmaster intends to sell the system both direct to fleets looking to monitor costs and to leasing companies.

“There’s still a big gap in the leasing industry for a telematics package,” said Lawrence.

“This is something they can offer to their customers, it’s simple and straight forward.”

Trafficmaster thinks the system’s target market will be with 100-plus car fleets.

As well as recording mileage the system will also offer a basic online tracking facility, journey history and geo-fencing – where if a vehicle moves outside a set geographic area the fleet manager is sent an alert. Trafficmaster will price the system, due to go on sale in March at £10 per vehicle per month.