Trafficmaster is planning to expand its range of services with a mobile-phone based satnav system due to be launched later this year.

The service is aimed at the rapidly increasing number of phones sold with GPS technology built in. This means that Trafficmaster provides only the software and information and phone owners don’t need to carry an extra device with them.

“This simplifies the way of getting navigation information into the car,” said John Lawrence, Trafficmaster’s sales director. “The advantage of our system is that there’s someone there to talk to.”

Trafficmaster’s system uses the firm’s call centre to set up a route, which is then beamed to the phone. Alongside navigation, traffic information and speed camera information can also be sent.

“GPS will be standard on virtually all new phones going forward,” said a Trafficmaster spokesman.

Trafficmaster admits it has been disadvantaged in the past because you couldn’t buy one of its devices from a high street retailer, as you could with brands such as Tom Tom.

As yet, Trafficmaster has not decided how much the system will cost. Options include a monthly subscription, pay per route or linking up with a mobile phone retailer such as Vodafone or O2.