Trafficmaster is looking to join forces with leasing companies to provide unique selling points for pitching to fleet clients.

The firm already works with Citroen, fitting its telematics black box to all Berlingo, Relay and Dispatch vans, with customers choosing whether to activate the various options, including the Fleet Director management system.

But Trafficmaster wants to extend that by forming relationships with some of the UK’s top leasing firms. “What’s changed in the leasing industry in the last few years?,” said Trafficmaster business services director John Lawrence. “It would give them a USP and an edge, and we’re confident a couple will go for it.”

The relationship with Citroen has provided a third of the firm’s 300-customer, 1200-vehicle take-up of Fleet Director, and the firm is to extend that to include the C3 supermini.

“With Citroen it’s very early days, we’ve got a lot to learn about what works,” said Lawrence. “We’ve got our own R&D teams and if a customer wants a bespoke set-up, eg interlinked with other systems, it’s something we could look into.”

Lawrence also said the firm’s looking at how to improve its work with Citroen. “So far, we’ve been primarily focussed on making contact with customers once they’ve purchased the van,” he said. “Now we’re supporting dealers through field sales, we’ll go with them to talk about Fleet Director.”