Fleet management company Trakm8 has completed the acquisition of fleet telematics firm Roadsense Technology for an undisclosed sum.
Roadsense currently supplies telematics solutions and safety kits to companies with between one and 1500 vehicles on their books.
The SME-focused telematics company is the third firm to have been bought out by Trakm8 in the last year, with the buyout of camera company DCS Systems in June 2015 and the acquisition of scheduling firm Route Monkey in December 2015.
“We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Roadsense – it represents a terrific opportunity to showcase our integrated offerings, with the potential to further our next generation telematics and camera solutions,” said John Watkins, CEO of Trakm8. “The addition of Roadsense will also assist the Group to consolidate and grow its share of the SME market.”
“The acquisition will allow Roadsense to provide an even wider range of telematic and camera systems to our customers and more importantly, it will provide financial stability and the support of a large talented team to ensure that we can continue to provide quality products and outstanding customer service to all of our current and future customers,” said Andrew Tillman, CEO of Roadsense.