Aberdeenshire council and Aberdeen City Council have introduced a Tusker ‘salsac’ scheme to 20,000 employees.

The scheme allows staff to drive a new car, save money on the amount of tax they pay and not worry about having to organise their own servicing and insurance.

The contract was awarded following a competitive tender process, and was introduced as part of a wider benefits package in conjunction with employee benefits provider P&MM.

Tusker was praised by the councils for the quality of its scheme, high service levels and the flexibility of its services which minimise risk in the event of employees leaving the organisation.  

“Our employees work in a wide variety of roles, from home carers to road workers. We fully appreciate how expensive it is to live and work in Aberdeenshire, so this is a great way for our employees to limit and budget for the cost of travel,” said Aberdeenshire councillor Martin Kitts-Hayes, chair of the organisation’s policy and resources committee.