New EU tyre-labelling laws due to come into force later this year are expected to have a significant impact on fleet buying decisions.

All tyres produced from July and on sale in EU countries from November will be subject to the colour-coded labelling system, which ranks tyres from A to G (in a similar manner to domestic appliances) based on their performance for safety, wet weather braking and noise.

Managing director of fleet software firm CFC, Neville Briggs, said: “Tyre companies have been quick to point out that some key tyre performance factors, notably longevity, are not part of the labelling and, to some extent, they have a point.

“However, fleets are very likely to start rating and specifying tyres based on the information that is available to them, and the labelling system will inevitably play quite an important part in buying decisions.

“Fleets may start to specify tyres that only have an A or B rating. in the same way that they may currently have a policy that says any car on their choice list must have four or five Euro NCAP stars.

“Certainly, it would make sense to align the tyre ratings. with existing fleet risk management and environmental policies. It may be that, quite quickly, fleets stop using tyres that do not score highly altogether.”

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