Fuel card provider UK Fuels has unveiled four new fleet cards designed for specific markets in the fleet industry.

The company said the new fuel cards would help increase operational efficiency by providing a choice of products built on different prices.

The four new cards are:

  • Fleet One: For car and van fleets of all sizes operating across the UK.
  • Fuelplus: For locally operated fleets and light commercial vehicles offering online tools that aims to increase efficiency.
  • Bunkerplus: For fleets and large haulers that use large amounts of diesel and want to store it.
  • Truck One: Designed for HGV, LGV and coach fleets.

“The main point of this new product launch is to better serve different segments of the UK fleet market, which have vastly different needs. ¬†We are consistently trying to improve our services, with the intention of meeting all of our customers’ requirements,” said Bill Holmes, founder of UK Fuels.

“We have worked with all kinds of fleets in the past and felt that it was time to create cards that were specifically targeted for each markets,” said Holmes.