Vauxhall is recalling 3000 Adams and Corsa/Corsavans registered since Febuary that have been manufactured with a steering system part that does not match Vauxhall’s specification.

Vauxhall had orginally included models affected from May 2014.  These additional vehicles may also have been manufactured with the steering system part that did not meet specification and should not be driven prior to inspection. The British car maker is advising owners not to drive these vehicles before inspection.

Owners can check if their car is affected by checking the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number. This can be found in the lower area of the front windscreen or in the vehicle registration documents.

If the VIN number is between the following ranges, the car could be affected:

VIN Number (last eight digits) between E6077301 – E6113446

  F6000001 – F6006544


VIN Number (last eight digits) between E6071016 – E6118738

  E4181031 – E4308122

If the VIN number is within this range, Vauxhall is asking customers to check the production code on the steering intermediate shaft, and has included a guide on how to do so on its website.

If the production code is either 20E4 or 20K3 this means the car is affected. Vauxhall is advising owners not to drive the car to avoid risk.

Vauxhall has stressed that if owners feel uncomfortable to do this check they can either contact a dealer or ring the AA for guidance on how to check the vehicle.

The AA will also check the car for the customer, and if it is affected will arrange recovery to a dealer as well as a replacement vehicle.

More information can be found here on Vauxhall’s website, while useful contact points can be found below.

Vauxhall Customer Assistance Centre:

0800 026 0034 (09.00 to 19.00hrs Monday to Friday and until 17.00 hrs at weekends)

The AA:

0800 553388 (07.00 to midnight)