Vauxhall is to increase prices across the majority of its range from 8 April. The last price increase occurred in July 2014 with the introduction of Euro 6 engines.

All models excluding the Astra, Insignia diesels, Meriva Life and Tech Line, Adam Rocks, Adam Rocks Air and Adam Gran Slam and the Corsa VXR will incur increases between £150 and £365.

Vauxhall said all orders received prior to midnight on 7 April will be processed at the current prices and the new prices will be effective from 00.01 on 8 April.

Price changes are listed below :

Adam Jam     £175
Adam Glam   £150
Adam Slam     £150
Adam Rocks   £0
Adam Rocks Air   £0
Corsa       £180
Meriva     £230
Astra       £0
Astra VXR     £300
GTC       £300
Zafira Tourer   £345
Insignia     £295
Cascada     £365
Mokka     £275
Antara     £300
New Corsavan   £180
Combo     £200
Vivaro     £280